Information Edit

Number No.2
Type Grass Poison
Rarity Rare
Access route Events, Hunting Grounds
Capture method Ultra or type specific ball
Nature recommendation Timid, Optimistic
Item recommended
Moveset recommended

RV Edit

HP 60
Physical attack 62
Physical defense 63
Special attack 80
Special defense 80
Speed 60
Total RV 405

Attibutes Edit

Height 1M Body weight 13KG
Ability to Mega no Shiny no

Dolls Edit

Upgrade Stage Required Dolls
Blue Beedrill Doll, Piloswine Doll, Magneton Doll, Sandslash Doll, Hypno Doll, Phy Att Balloon Robot
Blue +1 Hitmonlee Doll, Sandslash Doll, Victreebel Doll, Electrode Doll, Big Balloon Robot, Spec Def Balloon Robot
Blue +2 Mantine Doll, Sandslash Doll, Electrode Doll, Spd Ballon Robot, Phy Att Balloon Robot, Spec Def Balloon Robot

Moves Edit

Learning level Move Name Attributes Type power Accuracy Skill Despription
0 Tackle Normal physical 50 100 A physical attack in which the user charges and slams into the target with its whole body.
0 Growl Normal Status 0 100 The user growls in an endearing way, making opposing Pokémon less wary. This lowers their Attack stat.
7 Leech Seed Grass Status 0 90 A seed is planted on the target. It steals some HP from the target every turn.
25 Sweet Scent Normal Status 0 100 A sweet scent that harshly lowers opposing Pokémon's evasiveness.
8 Vine Whip Grass physical 35 100 The target is struck with slender, whiplike vines to inflict damage.
22 Poison powder Poison Status 0 75 The user scatters a cloud of poisonous dust that poisons the target.
30 Razor Leaf Grass physical 55 95 Sharp-edged leaves are launched to slash at the opposing Pokémon. Critical hits land more easily.
38 Growth Normal Status 0 100 The user's body grows all at once, raising the Attack and Sp. Atk stats.
23 Sleep powder Grass Status 0 75 The user scatters a big cloud of sleep-inducing dust around the target.
54 Solar Beam Grass special 120 100 In this two-turn attack, the user gathers light, then blasts a bundled beam on the next turn.

Related PokemonEdit

Pokemon Image Relation Level Required Items
Pre-Evolution - -
Evolution 32
Mega Evolution 70 Lvl. 60 Ivs, Orange +3, St 5
Shiny - Recharge Event
Mega Evolution 70 Lvl. 60 Ivs, Orange +3, St 5

Weakness Edit

Type Normal Fighting Flying Poison Ground Rock Bug Ghost -
Fire 1 0.5 2 1 1 1 1 1 -
Type Steel Fire Water Grass Electric Psychic Ice Dragon Dark
Fire 1 2 0.5 0.25 0.5 2 2 1 1