Name Type Attributes Power Hit Descriptions
Hidden power (ice) Special Ice 60 100 Strikes the target, causing damage. Hidden power of the ice attributes.
Ice fang Physical Ice 65 95 Bites the target with icy teeth, possibly freezes the target.
Avalanche Physical Ice 60 100 If you are attacked before you use this move, the power of this move will increase by 100%
Ice shard Physical Ice 40 100 Hurls ice rapidly to strike the target. Will take the initiative.
Ice spear Physical Ice 25 100 Shoots out sharp ice spears to strike the target 2 to 5 times.
Sheer cold Special Ice 1 30 Freezes the target with sheer cold. The target will faint upon getting hit.
Ice ball Physical Ice 30 90 Rolls around to strike the target for 5 rounds. Upon hitting the target, your power will increase.
Hail Status Ice 0 100 Non-ice types are damaged for 5 rounds.
Power snow Special Ice 40 100 Strikes the target with chilling snow. Possibly freezes the target.
Icy wind Special Ice 55 95 Blasts cold air to strike the target, reducing its speed.
Haze Status Ice 0 100 Releases some black haze, resets the stat changes of all active Pokemon to 0.
Aurora beam Special Ice 65 100 Emits colourful ray of light to strike the target. P reduces target's ATK.
Ice beam Special Ice 95 100 Strikes the target with an extremely cold beam. Possibly freezes the target.
Blizzard Special Ice 120 70 Strikes the target with a blizzard, possibly freezes the target.
Mist Status Ice 0 0 Shrouds yourself with mist, preventing enemies from reducing your abilities. Lasts 5 rounds
Ice punch Physical Ice 75 100 Strikes the target by icy fist. Possibly freezes the target.