Guild Battles Edit

Guild battle is a weekly event which you can fight with powerful Mega Legendary monster with your guild mates on weekends.


Each week, guilds can register from 10:00 am Monday till 12:00 am Tuesday ingame time to take part in the Guild War. Each guild can register to 3 towns at most. Only Chairman and Vice Chairmen can register.

Members who join to the guild after the week's registration period will not be eligible to join the Guild War. Minimum 25 members required to join Guild Wars.

Each week's Guild Battle will start on Friday 9:00 pm and end on Saturday 10:00 pm. During the period, each participant has 15 chances to battle with mega monsters.


Each town will be occupied by the guild that causes the most damage in the town. Those guild members can collect corresponding rewards from the guild main screen each day.

The defender Mega Monsters of the town are very strong and hard to kill. They are immune to all harmful effects (such as poison, leech seed etc.) You will have 15 rounds to damage and get points.

Each participant of the Guild Battle will earn points according to the amount of the damage they deal. Each participant can earn at most %9 of their guild's total points. The rewards will be delivered after the event ends.

When the event ends, guilds will receive rewards according to their highest ranking on the related towns.