Move Type Attributes Power Accuracy


Hidden Power (Ghost) Special Ghost 60 100

Strikes the target, causing damage. Hidden Power of the Ghost Attributes.

Ominous Wind Special Ghost 60 100 Conjures a terrifying wind to strike the target. Possibly increases all your abilities.
Shadow Force Physical Ghost 120 100 The user vanish on the first turn, attack on the second turn. It can hit the target even with Protect status on.
Shadow Sneak Physical Ghost 40 100 Extends shadow and then strikes the target from behind. Will take the Initiative.
Shadow Claw Physical Ghost 70 100 Strikes the target with sharp shadow claws, giving a large chance to land a critical hit.
Shadow Punch Physical Ghost 60 101 Strikes the target with a shadowy fist. This attack has an absolute chance of landing.
Astonish Physical Ghost 30 100 Screams to scare the target. Possibly makes the target flinch.
Spite Status Ghost 0 100 The user unleashes its grudge on its foe. When the user is defeated, the PP of the move that is used to defeat it will turn 0.
Shadow Ball


Ghost 80 100 Hurls black shadowto strike the target. Possibly reduces the target's Spec Def.
Destiny Bond Status Ghost 0 101 After this move is used, if the user faints, the foe that landed the knockout hit also faints.
Curse Status Ghost 0 101 Curses the target at the cost of 50% maximum HP, causes your foe to lose 25% maximum HP every turn. If you use this move when you have less than 50% maximum HP remaining, you will faint.
Nightmare Status Ghost 0 100 Tortures the sleeping target with bad dreams, making it lose some HP per round.
Lick Physical Ghost 20 100 Uses your long tongue to lick the target. Possibly paralyzes the target.
Confuse Ray Status Ghost 0 100 Hurls a strange ray of light at the target, causing confusion.
Night Shade Special Ghost 1 100 The user makes the foe see a mirage. It inflicts damage matching the user's level.